The Red Book

Red Barn, Red Fire Truck

Teach your little one colors with the red book—just released! [Buy it now on »]


Inside the red book, your child will meet Superhero Flynn, who wants to know where the color red begins, so he tracks it to a farm where lobsters are arm wrestling. He learns that overcoming your anger is the fastest way to fly. “Red Barn, Red Fire Truck” teaches the color red utilizing color-specific items like strawberries, tomatoes, cherries, garden gnomes and more to help kids ages 1 to 5 apply objects to learning colors when they’re out in the world with their family — hiking, grocery shopping, looking in the refrigerator or riding in the car.

Perfect for introducing children to colors, “Red Barn, Red Fire Truck” is the second book, the red book, in the Teach Kids Colors series. Written in easy-to-remember limericks, each book in the series uses lively characters and vivid illustrations to deliver an uplifting message with a subtle lesson on color, the way pediatricians recommend.


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